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ProSport365 is an industry specific overall CRM solution for professional sports clubs. It is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and helps solving challenges and “pains” experienced by sports clubs regarding value chain management such as pipeline management, account management, capacity management of products, an overview of sponsorships, event management, etc.

ProSport365 can easily be integrated with the ERP system, keeping the invoicing and financial management there.

Overview of sponsors

ProSport365 makes it easy for the sales department to get an overview of the club’s sponsors. The individual account manager will have the opportunity to control his own accounts and to see the duration of a sponsorship and when it is time to re-sign.

Furthermore, the account manager can by only a few clicks generate a quotation as well as a new sponsorship agreement directly from ProSport365, which can be sent to the sponsor. ProSport365 will reduce administrative tasks and remove the many spreadsheets, freeing up resources for the sales staff to sell more.

Exposure quite simply

Sports clubs sell sponsor exposure i.e. via fixed boards or LED boards in all sports arenas. These are not conventional products as they cannot be bought, produced or stocked. They can only be sold once per time interval and will provide countless combinations, which the ERP system finds hard to handle. Moving the handling to ProSport365 will provide a complete overview.

ProSport365 can also manage events and the challenges connected such as invitations, registrations, catering, etc. In this way, logistics will be optimised and costs will be reduced significantly.

This is how ProSport365 optimises your sports club

  • Sponsor management
  • Pipeline management
  • Capacity management of products
  • Organising matches
  • Event management
  • Seamless ERP integration

ProSport365 explained in just 2 minutes

They already use ProSport365

Case #1: AGF / Aarhus Elite

AGF is a football club located in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus, and the stadium CERES Park Arena is among the largest as well with a capacity of 20,000.

AGF has experienced an increase in business, and the club now has more than 400 sponsors, but the large number of sponsors also brings some significant challenges.
They experienced numerous difficulties gaining an overview of how many of our sponsors would attend the pre-game events and which sponsors to expose thorough various banner ads.

Torben Nygaard from AGF
Torben Nygaard, Sales Director

"Digital Transformation – is the right word to use after having implemented ProSport365. We have gone from numerous manual processes to having automated large parts of our value chain.

We now have an overview of our sponsors, we know them better and know exactly when to re-sign sponsorships. Our sales staff have more time for selling. And after having ProSport365, we have seen an increase of 40 % in new sponsorships just within 12 months."

After the implementation of ProSport365 AGF has taken a huge step towards transforming their business digitally. They now have a complete overview of their sponsors, as all data are handled and stored in one system, and are now able to share that information across the organisation.

Case #2: TTH Holstebro

TTH Holstebro is a handball club located in the western part of Denmark. Ever since the club was founded back in 2000 it has been a real force in the Danish handball league with several top rankings in the domestic league and cup.

The many triumphs and titles for TTH Holstebro have also resulted in success outside the handball arena. During the past three years, the club has experienced a 35 percent increase in new sponsors and are now close to 300 sponsors in total.

The increase of sponsors made them realise that they lacked structure regarding their working procedures, as they used to manage the data and sponsor information manually, which was becoming an impossible task.

Jan Facius, Finance Director

"After the implementation of ProSport365 we are now 100 % in control of our logistics, when we organise pre-game events for our sponsors. Now, we know exactly how many have registered and how much food we should buy. Also, we have managed to eliminate the 122 spreadsheets which are now being handled by ProSport.

In addition, we are also now in control of invoicing and after getting ProSport365 we have found old invoices that basically have financed half of the solution."

After the implementation of ProSport365 TTH now have complete overview of their sponsors. Data is managed from one system and available to everyone in their organisation.

With ProSport365 TTH managed to eliminate the 122 spreadsheets, which they previously used to keep control of the ordering of catering for pre-game events.

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